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Remodeling Contractors in BloomingtonCapable remodeling contractors in Bloomington can provide you with helpful tips in the design that should be implemented in your project. A knowledgeable contractor knows every detail, such as the colors to use for today's trendy themes. A trustworthy remodeling contractor in Bloomington should also recommend the best ways to redo a room. Every minor aspect, such as the organization of a storage are, placement of fixtures, depth of cabinets, and pattern of tiles, are thought of carefully so that all elements work together toward the requirements you stated.


Hiring professional remodeling contractors in Bloomington is your best move in achieving your goals. Parker Builders has been doing business for many years, and this family-owned business has gained the trust of Bloomington and Normal residents. This trust has placed us among the respected remodeling contractors in Bloomington, as we are a member of the McLean County Chamber of Commerce, the Bloomington/Normal Home Builder's Association, and the National Association of Home Builders.



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One of the most important things that you will ever need in renovating your home is the sound advice of a reliable remodeling contractor in Bloomington. If you want to improve your home the way you want, then choose a remodeling contractor in Bloomington who will listen and understand. Remodeling is a major financial undertaking which could fail without an expert remodeling contractor. We at Parker Builders always treat your home like it is our own. We never ignore even the smallest detail when it comes to remodeling your home, kitchen, or bath.


Our remodeling contractors in Bloomington know that every homeowner has a budget for their home's upkeep. We want to help you save on costs, and that’s why we work as efficiently as possible. Proper management techniques can help you stay on budget. In addition, we stay up to date with the latest and upcoming trends that impose inexpensive but beautiful solutions. Our mission as your remodeling contractor in Bloomington is to take your ideas and implement them as accurately as possible with minimum disruption. We turn your dream home into a new and improved reality.




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Parker Enterprises is proud to have improved the Franklin Park Commons. In 2008, our company purchased the two double brick buildings located on the edge of Franklin Park. We performed our expert remodeling methods to the buildings, so they are now up to modern day standards, having a modern look and feel. This area has a variety of commercial office spaces ranging from 400 square feet to 2500 square feet. You can read more about Parker Enterprises here.


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