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Bloomington, IL Basement Remodelers


If you want to restore the functionality of your basement to more than just being a storage area, then you need an excellent basement remodeler in Bloomington, IL. Every year, we clean out our basement to make room for other things that need storage. Our experienced team will help find a way to keep ample room for storage while making your basement beautiful.


Your basement does not need to be a dark, unfinished room. It can serve many additional purposes as a part of your home. Thanks to our expert team of basement remodelers, many families throughout Central Illinois can now enjoy their basements as a bonding area with family & friends or a place to start a special hobby.


Don’t be stuck with a remodeling company that doesn’t care, choose Parker Builders today!


Professional Basement Remodelers


When it comes to choosing basement remodelers in Bloomington IL, word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied clients are important. These referrals are like testaments to the professional output that they deliver. More often, the most trusted basement remodelers in Bloomington IL are those who provide a unique way of designing your basement.


Choose Parker Builders as your basement remodelers in Bloomington IL. We are professional basement remodelers who are always up-to-date with all the new and upcoming trends in the field of interior design. Parker Builders has professional remodelers who know the importance of beauty and function in every design. Trust our basement remodelers in Bloomington IL to transform your basement into a room that you will love.



Expert Basement Remodeling


Allow us to be your basement remodelers in Bloomington, IL. Parker Builders can also help if you are in search of any of the following:





Experts in Bloomington


Parker Builders is proud to have beautified the Paxton Building located in downtown Bloomington. This office building has a size of 20,000 square feet, and we have applied all our very extensive remodeling techniques to the building, including the basement. The Paxton Building is a Class A building that offers a variety of services, including commercial office space and residential loft apartments. We can help you with any vacancies, and we'll gladly schedule a walk-through of any available space. You can read more about our establishments here.


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