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Remodeling Companies in Bloomington In selecting from among remodeling companies in Bloomington, it is important to have a criteria that will allow you to filter the companies according to experience, quality, and word-of-mouth recommendations. A better remodeling company in Bloomington will guarantee your satisfaction, which should be important because undertaking a remodeling project is different from buying a product, which you can easily return to the store. The right remodeling company in Bloomington should have an excellent quality of service to ensure that your requirements are met.


Whether adding more floor space, repairing dilapidated elements, and upgrading certain features of your home such as walls, fixtures, furniture, cabinets, appliances, and others, you need a remodeling company in Bloomington that can focus on the quality of work and output. Parker Builders is a reputable remodeling company in Bloomington whose sole responsibility is to realize your requirements by implementing a thorough design. With our expert advice, your home or room can be transformed into one that you will certainly love.


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A professional remodeling company in Bloomington has expertly trained builders who carefully plan and clearly lay out the specifications and procedures. Once construction commences, a remodeling company in Bloomington should be able to handle changes to the initial design, choice of materials, or schedule at any time during the project. Professional remodeling in Bloomington should also include cleanliness in the work area, efficiency, and proper communication between the workers.


Parker Builders is a professional remodeling company in Bloomington. We have been doing professional work on homes for many years, and we continue to update our skill-sets with the latest methods and trends in all remodeling aspects. When it comes to choosing the right remodeling company in Bloomington, you can’t go wrong with Parker Builders. We keep up with what's new and apply these updates to every remodeling project that we handle. Our credentials include our membership to the National Association of Home Builders since 1984.



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The Bloomingtonian, located on the corner of Locust and Center, was once known to be the gateway to Downtown Bloomington. Parker Builders purchased the building in 2003. The building was completely gutted, renovated, and improved. The entire interior was also modified. The renovations included grinding and tuck pointing the brick on the exterior. Renovations to the interior include trendy kitchens and bathrooms and the refinishing all of the original hardwood floors. You can read more about our establishments here.


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